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Brian Wilson Fan Mixes - October 2004
By Ronnie

I didn’t think that the LiFE OF BRiAN series could top numbers 2 & 3, since those covered my fave Beach Boys albums (Pet Sounds & SMiLE). But guess what? This might be my favorite of the series so far! Volume 4 continues in the musical/spoken word biography of Brian Wilson and Jerry’s unique mixes are always a great surprise!

DISCLAIMER: The following works that we review are in no way "bootlegs" made for profit or sale. Rather they are simple fan mixes meant to be a tribute to the artistry of Brian Wilson.

Disc 4: Still I Dream Of It

This volume covers the entire decade of the ‘70s, leading up to the death of Dennis Wilson in 1983. It opens with a radio commercial for the HOLLAND album and paints an audio portrait of a man who doesn’t really want to record anymore. Brian’s “in bed” period is covered with a fantastic mix of George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody In Blue” combined with interviews with those that were first hand observers of this period - Brian’s wife and kids. There is also a radio interview in which Brian tries to gloss over the fact that he is doing nothing! Brian’s fascination with “Be My Baby” is also represented.

Also included is my favorite Brian Wilson moment of the ‘70s: when Dan Akroyd and John Belushi were dressed as “Surf Police” and arrest and take Brian to the beach to surf. A great original mix by Jerry that uses sound bites from Brian about surfing follows the original audio segment.

The “Brian is Back” fiasco is covered with interviews from band members who know that it wasn’t probably in Brian’s best interest to keep him touring (but they did anyway!). Then one of my favorite Beach Boys albums, THE BEACH BOYS LOVE YOU is represented! A rock rumor is also discussed, and that is the Iggy Pop & Alice Cooper vocals on “Shortnin’ Bread”. Iggy Pop finally leaves, thinking Brian as “too strange”! This leads to the strangest Brian interview, where he is obviously coked up. Finally there is the death of Dennis. The decline of Brian is being set up for the next installment of LiFE OF BRiAN.

Here are the titles of the segments for disc 4, along with the sources used:

1. Brian And The Pied Piper (Fairy Tale Music)
2. Lost In Space (Rhapsody In Blue--Feidler/Boston Pops)
3. An Obsession (Be My Baby--The Ronettes)
4. Brian Can't Surf (Punchline--SurfClown Mix)
5. Brilliant And Bogus (Still I Dream Of It)
6. Tug Of War (Deep Purple)
7. Brian Loved Us (The Night Was So Young, I'll Bet He's Nice, Solar System)
8. This Guy's Strange (Shortnin' Bread)
9. Out Of Control (Composite: Cocaine Sessions & Cocaine Radio Interview)
10. Not So Dumb Angel (Farewell My Friend, Lonely Sea--Eric Matthews, Be With Me backing track)

Jerry continues to astound with each and every new installment of LiFE OF BRiAN. In a perfect world, Jerry would get his own radio show to showcase these series. I think it would be a hit!

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